Reasons for HELICOIL®

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Why you should use HELICOIL® wire thread inserts?

To strengthen, reinforce and repair screw threads in soft alloy components.

Reasons for HELICOIL®

HELICOIL® inserts ensure high-strength threads, transferring forces from flank to flank into the holding thread. This is a system of high reliability for which German and international industrial property rights have been filed and which is available worldwide. HELICOIL® provides thread inserts produced according to consistent material and quality specifications. This technology is the basis of national, aeronautical and military standards. Many leading large-scale users base their manufacturing standards on this system.

Structural component

Wherever low-strength materials (e.g. aluminium, magnesium alloys and fibre-reinforced plastics) are used, HELICOIL® is indispensable for thread reinforcement. This applies particularly to the aerospace industry, mechanical and plant engineering, the automotive industry and electrical and medical engineering. Thread reinforcement prevents wear of the threaded hole - even after frequent use. HELICOIL® allows miniaturisation and lightweightconstruction in the development of serial parts. The required strength is provided by thread reinforcement with HELICOIL®.

Rejects recovery and thread repair

HELICOIL® thread inserts are internationally approved for the economical and permanent repair of damaged and worn out threads. Apart from repair of valuable individual components, the possibility to return and salvage large volume components which have been rejected due to faults in the thread production is of major importance.


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