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Materials for HELICOIL® wire thread inserts

Material diversity is key to meeting the needs of a wide range of engineering applications, not only in general engineering use but also in high temperature aerospace and corrosive food processing environments.

  • HELICOIL® materials – 18-8 Stainless Steel

    18-8 Stainless Steel

    Standard, general purpose material.
    For use as original equipment or thread repair.
    Stocked in most sizes.

  • HELICOIL® materials – Nimonic 90

    Nimonic 90

    High temperature applications up to 650°C HELICOIL® free running or 500°C HELICOIL® screwlock.

  • HELICOIL® materials – Inconel X750

    Inconel X750

    High temperature applications up to 550°C HELICOIL® free running or 500°C HELICOIL® screwlock.

  • HELICOIL® materials – Zeron 100

    Zeron 100

    Super duplex stainless steel has superior corrosion and stress cracking resistance.
    Essential requirements in the petrochem, fertiliser & mining industries.

  • HELICOIL® materials – Phosphor Bronze

    Phosphor Bronze

    Salt water applications.
    Excellent electrical conductivity.

  • HELICOIL® materials – Other Material

    Other Material

    Continuous improvement programmes are researching new materials in the development of HELICOIL® for special applications. In particular, HELICOIL® screwlock in high temperature locations and special material for the Food and Pharmaceutical industries where stainless steel screws are used.

For equivalent specifications see p21 in HELICOIL® catalogue, see below.

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