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The insert without a tang – HELICOIL® tangfree

Unlike HELICOIL® classic and HELICOIL® plus the HELICOIL® tangfree product has a driving notch at both ends of the insert rather than the conventional tang.



HELICOIL® Tangfree Screwlock

With a drive notch instead of a tang, the insertion tool has a spring loaded pawl that engages with the notch and allows it to be installed into the threaded hole.

The new HELICOIL® tangfree product is manufactured by a different process, ensuring symmetry at both ends of the insert, therefore guaranteeing ease of insertion and a significant reduction in waste.


  • After installation there is no tang to remove
  • Perfect symmetry allows easy installation from either end
  • Corrosion and heat-resistant
  • Wear-free
  • Uniform load and stress distribution
  • Available in different variants for very different requirements
  • Assembly systems, tools, and products available from one source

HELICOIL® thread inserts are available in metric dimensions.


free running

HELICOIL® tangfree free running

Every thread of the thread insert with precision formed, rhombic profile is free running. The result is an internal thread true to gauge that can be used on both sides.

Our seal of quality, a rhombic imprint at the end of the last thread, unmistakably identifies each Böllhoff HELICOIL® tangfree free running as an original Böllhoff product.


HELICOIL® tangfree screwlock

The HELICOIL® tangfree screwlock bears the same benefits regarding threads as the HELICOIL® tangfree free running.

In addition, an integrated screw-locking area serves as a screw lock.

Locking of the screw is achieved by one or several polygonal-shaped threads that clamp the flanks of the screwed-in screw. The result is an elastically resilient frictional locking.

The HELICOIL® tangfree screwlock can be recognised thanks to its red colour.
The HELICOIL® tangfree screwlock inserts can only be used with screws of property class 8.8 or higher.


  • HELICOIL® application

    Machines and plants

    Machine construction console ,
    Material G-AISi9 Mg,
    HELICOIL®, M 8 x 12,
    free running

    For use in printing presses, in high temperature range, for repeated screwings, maintenance and repair

  • HELICOIL® application

    Electronics, sheet metal, plastic

    Carrier plate for electronic components made of aluminium pressure die-casting

    For use in lamps, electrical appliances, drill hammers, etc.

  • HELICOIL® application

    Automotive & aerospace

    Car gear box cover made of aluminium die-cast,
    HELICOIL®, M 14 x 1,5 x 14, free running

    For use in gear boxes, exhaust systems, engines and satellites, for thread reinforcement, repeated screwing, maintenance and repair

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HELICOIL® Tangfree
The tangfree coil thread insert
for a high-strength threads
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HELICOIL® tangfree – thread insert

HELICOIL® Tangfree Screwlock – thread insert


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