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Global standards

The precision and reliability of the HELICOIL® wire thread inserts have been proven by the demands of the aerospace and defence industries over the decades. The products include a high variety of globally referenced aerospace and defense wire thread inserts specified and used by major manufacturers around the world.

HELICOIL® Wire Thread Insert Capabilities

AGS3600 EN2942 MA3281
AGS3700 EN2944 MA3329
AGS4677 EN3542 MA3330
AS6733 LN9039  
AS6734 LN9039A NASM122076 to NASM122275
AS8455 LN9499 NASM124651 to NASM124850
AS8456 LN9499A NASM21209
DIN65536 MA3279 NA0276
  MA3280 NAS1130

Furthermore multiple customized HELICOIL® wire thread inserts are manufactured according to customer company standards for the aerospace and defense industries, which are available on request.

  • Aerospatiale/Airbus: ASN-A 0040
  • De Haviland: DHS 1673, DHS 1674
  • Dunlop Aviation Devision: DSR 1002, DSR 1003, DSR 2786, DSR 3359
  • Rolls Royce: U 755600-86, U 755761-84

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Standards and specifications

  • The Blue Book

  • COIL® classic

    HELICOIL® classic


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