Power tooling

for installation of HELICOIL® threaded inserts

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High volume production environments

Where speed and accuracy need to be increased consistent with minimizing installation costs.

Pneumatic tools

Pneumatic power tool

Pneumatic installation power tool for HELICOIL® wire thread inserts

The HELICOIL® threaded mandrel power tool is essential for use in high volume production environments. It minimises the in-place cost by reducing floor-to-floor time to install the HELICOIL®.
The key advantages of power tooling is speed of operation, accuracy and repeatability. This pneumatically operated tool can be used either hand held or in conjunction with a ‘Lazy Arm’ or similar spring loaded device.
For even greater productivity the HELICOIL® inserts can be supplied on plastic tape in reels. The tape passes through the tool prewinder, presenting the insert correctly every time.

Power tool assembly components

  • Air motor of HELICOIL® pneumatic installation tool

    Air motor

    • Forward and reverse motion controlled by lever and button operation.
    • Two motor speeds are available, 1500rpm for normal operation and 900rpm for Nimonic 90 HELICOIL® screwlock inserts.
  • Adaptors of HELICOIL® pneumatic installation tool


    • The connection between the motor and prewinder, which houses the clutch mechanism of the threaded mandrel.
    • Threads connecting to the Motor and Prewinder lock nut are Left Hand threads.
  • Prewinders of HELICOIL® pneumatic installation tool


    • Each prewinder is specific to a single thread size and in most cases has the slot incorporated for use with Tape feed HELICOIL®.
    • Tape feed Prewinders are capable of installing hand fed inserts.

  • Mandrel assembly of HELICOIL® pneumatic installation tool

    Mandrel assembly

    • The threaded mandrel ensures correct feed of the insert during installation and eliminates cross pitching.
  • Space sets HELICOIL® pneumatic installation tool

    Spacer sets

    • Spacer sets enable the tool to be set to install HELICOIL® of varying lengths.
    • Fine adjustment on the depth of the insert is controlled using the spacer shims included.

Additional tools

Bollhoff Armstrong ‘Lazy Arm’ tool holder

Bollhoff Armstrong ‘Lazy Arm’ tool holder

The HELICOIL® ‘Lazy Arm’ is a versatile tool holder that presents the power tool vertically to the work piece. The twin pivoting arms have a total swept radius from 40mm to 670mm.
Maximum adjustments on the main pillar can accommodate components up to 500mm high.
The Power Tool is mounted on a spring- loaded head with a vertical range of 80mm to accommodate differences in component height.
A regulator and gauge is mounted on the unit to control the outgoing air pressure to the power tool.
The ‘Lazy Arm’ is also fitted with a reel mounting boss to hold inserts in a plastic tape and coiled on to reels. Inserts in tape eliminate the handling problems encountered with small inserts.
HELICOIL® inserts in tape and the power inserting tool are specifically designed to cater for the high volume users where productivity and competitive costs are a key factor.


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